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Lisa Stewart


In addition to being an acclaimed violinist (Acacia Quartet), Lisa is also an established illustrator whose work has featured in some of the most popular children's books published in Australia and worldwide. 

Following studies at the National Art School from 2002-2006 and an invited residency at Arthur Boyd's Bundanon, Lisa's first commissioned children's picture book was Can I Cuddle The Moon? (author Kerry Brown) published in 2010 by Scholastic Press. It has since been published in Taiwan and Korea, and illustrations from the book were used by Sydney Opera House in their highly popular 'Babies Proms' series.

The following year Lisa was shortlisted for a Crichton Award for New Illustrators, a notable achievement for her first published book, and her illustrations from Can I Cuddle The Moon? were exhibited at the Dromkeen National Centre in Victoria and featured on ABC TV's popular children's program, Play School. 

In 2012, Scholastic Press invited Lisa to illustrate Mummy's Kisses (author Paula Clark) and Bushland Lullaby (author Sally Odgers), followed by Rainforest Lullaby (author Sally Odgers) in 2013. This was shortlisted for the Environment Award For Children's Literature 2014 by the Wilderness Society. 

2014 saw the Random House release of Jam For Nana (author Deborah Kelly), featuring Lisa's illustrations, along with works in Once Upon a Christmas Annual by Christmas Press Picture Books. She was was an invited speaker at the 'Symposium on Visual Storytelling' at the University of New England (Armidale, NSW) and was asked to provide images for Play Me A Story... The Nutcracker (created by Esmeralda Tintner), again at the Sydney Opera House, for which she also played violin.

2015 saw the release of Christmas Press 'Three Dragons for Christmas' (author Sophie Masson). In 2016, Lisa illustrated two further books for Scholastic Press: Little Bear's First Sleep (author Lesley Gibbes), and Outback Lullaby (author Sally Odgers). 

In 2017 Butterfly, We're Expecting You (author Libby Hathorn) got released by Hachette Australia and at the beginning of 2018 A Boat of Stars, a book of new Australian Children's poems (edited by Margaret Connolly & Natalie Jane-Prior got released by HarperCollins/ABC Books.

In May 2018 Ocean Lullaby (author Sally Odgers) got released by Scholastic Press.

Three books will be released in 2019 - Three Little Mermaids (author Lesley Gibbes) for Scholastic Press and Dugong Magic (author Deborah Kelly) for Hachette.

Lisa is represented by agent Margaret Connolly.