An Illustrated Year 2013 Calendar - About Lisa Stewart (Miss September)

SEP 29 2013

An Illustrated Year 2013 Calendar- About Lisa Stewart (Miss September)

About September’s Illustration:

This divine image by Lisa Stewart was the first I allocated to a month in An Illustrated Year 2013 As soon as Lisa sent me ‘Koala’, I knew that it belonged in September, Save the Koala Month. You can read more about Save the Koala Month and how you can help at Wildlife Fun 4 Kids.

What was the inspiration for ‘Koala?’

‘Koala’ was inspired by this very, very soft and delicate paper I saw at my favourite paper store, Wills Quills (which has sadly closed down). I wish now that I had bought more of it at the time.

How did you create this image?

‘Koala’ was created using a combination of pencil, white gouache and the gentle tearing of this delicate paper.

About the illustrator:

What do you enjoy most about illustrating picture books?

I love that it takes me into another world. I am so focused that I feel like I’m in a dream whilst I create the pictures.

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming book?

Rainforest Lullaby, written by Sally Odgers, will be coming out in November for Scholastic Press. I used some of the same soft, grey paper on the baby kookaburra- perhaps you can see that?

I also just finished a book for Random House called Jam for Nana by Deborah Kelly, which will be released next Mother’s Day 2014. I’m very nervous about it because it’s the first book in which I’ve illustrated people. Feeling confident about my illustrations can be tricky.

I’ve also illustrated a counting app for Snappyant. Here’s an image that shows that when you click on the eggs the little baby animals will hatch.

Next year I will begin work on a book for Scholastic Press called Baby Bear’s First Sleep with images similar to this one I created.

Can you give us a peek into your creative work space?

My studio is in the side room of where we live in a rented apartment. We feel very lucky to live in such a lovely place in Manly.

This image was taken when I was working on the counting app for Snappyant.

Lisa’s books include:

Can I cuddle the Moon? By Kerry Brown, Scholastic Press

Mummy's Kisses by Paula Clark, Scholastic Press.

Bushland Lullaby by Sally Odgers, Scholastic Press.

Some of Lisa’s illustrations can be purchased through Books Illustrated, but Lisa can be contacted for more specific pieces.