Little Bear's First Sleep

Evocative words create a calm tone for the story which is mirrored in the illustrations. Soft brushstrokes and pencil bring movement and expression to the pages. Little Bear is adorable. The muted colours of winter at the beginning, contrasts with the fresh bright colours of spring at the end, and both are highlighted by the dark pages in between while the bears are in the cave. But even here, a circle of glowing light surrounds Little Bear, making the dark cosy.

The illustrations also bring strongly the emotion of isolation bear feels when he is awake, alone, then the connection with family when he snuggles in to sleep.
— Buzz Words
The illustrations, using soft colours in watercolour and gouache, are just beautiful, and teamed with the gentle text make this a lovely bedtime story.
— Aussie Reviews
Stewart’s illustrations add a gentle softness and make this a perfect read-aloud for bedtime, or any time at all.
— The Book Chook

Outback Lullaby

Outback Lullaby is one of those gorgeously illustrated books that you will love to read with your young child as a book before bedtime. In truth, the illustrations star in this book as the illustrator, Lisa Stewart, has used a range of mediums including watercolours, gouache, collage, rice papers, and pencils to create stunningly beautiful depictions of native Australian animals.
— Creative Kids Tales
The illustrations are also soft, with the colours of the Australian outback showing the landscapes these animals sleep (and live) in. They have a luminous quality to them, which evokes beautifully the twilight hours of bedtime for the young.
— Buzz Words
Perfect for bedtime, Outback Lullaby is the third lullaby title from the team of Odgers and Stewart and is perfect for babies and toddlers.
— Aussie Reviews
Lisa Stewart’s illustrations are gentle and muted - kids will love them.
— The Book Chook
These rhymes are perfectly matched to Lisa Stewart’s engaging animals that are expressively painted and drawn with their soft edges blending into the earthy pastel backgrounds.
— Read Plus

Three Dragons For Christmas

Lisa Stewart’s soft, pastel toned illustrations delightfully capture Fiery’s emotions and determined, brave actions in the snowy night sky.
— Reading Time
Even if you didn’t have the inimitable Sophie Masson writing the story, the book would be worth buying just for the art.
— The Great Raven

Jam For Nana

The soft illustrations in this book compliment the text perfectly
— Creative Kids
Jam for Nana is beautifully and simply illustrated with drawings that imbue the story with a quality of reminiscence.
— Kids Book Review
The illustrations are delicate and subtle and perfectly complement the evocative passages in this book.
— The Mummy Project

Rainforest Lullaby

Again, Stewart’s illustrations are perfect for the text, with pastel backgrounds setting off the true-to-life yet beautifully artistic details.
— The Book Chook
Stewart’s images are soft and whimsical – a bit like a lullaby. They so perfectly complement the gentle tones of Odger’s poem
— My Little Sunshine House
The delicate illustrations, created using watercolour, gouache, rice papers and pencil, are wonderfully textured with soft calming colours and the animals, especially the babies, are very cute.
— Buzz Words
Lisa’s stunning illustrations portray a heavy Japanese influence... she brings a sense of gentleness and peace to the gorgeous words
— The Book Worm
The illustrations – a mix of collage and drawing – are gorgeous representations of Australian animals
— Reading Time
Lisa Stewart’s illustrations of sleepy rainforest babies are adorable and beautifully evoke the rainforest as it slumbers
— Tinybeans

Bushland Lullaby

Lisa Stewart’s illustrations have soft, muted colours, and are very textural and evocative of the creatures they represent
— The Book Chook
Lisa Stewart did a sterling job with the artwork which is in glorious soft pastel colours
— Good Reads
Just exquisite in every way: from the lullaby lyrics to the delicate pastel illustrations
— Good Reads
Stewart’s illustrations are soft and restful, there is nothing complex or busy to distract from the central focus
— Buzz Words
Lisa was the perfect choice for the pictures
— Sally Odgers

Mummy's Kisses

the soft gouache illustrations reflect the colours of the Australian environment
— Read Plus
Lisa Stewart has created delicate images which capture the love and devotion between mother and child
— My Book Corner

Can I Cuddle The Moon?

perfectly complemented by gorgeous illustrations of baby owl by Lisa Stewart that look so soft and fluffy it is hard to resist reaching out to touch them
— Kids Book Review
but it is Stewart’s highly decorative collage illustrations that totally enchant...this book is a visual delight
— Canberra Times
Lisa Stewart’s stunning collage illustrations make this a book to be treasured
— QBD The Bookshop